Upgrade Notes

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Upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3

Major breaking changes

New pullreports-catalog-1.5.0.xsd

Release 1.3 contains a new pullreports-catalog-1.5.0.xsd schema file. Change the xmlns attribute in each Pull Reports™ XML Catalog file to the new value.

<catalog xmlns="http://www.pullreports.com/catalog-1.5.0"...>

Removed GET Global Label Value List REST API endpoint

Release 1.3 removes the GET Global Label Value List REST API endpoint because it was redundant with the GET Label Value List endpoint. This removal is unlikely to effect REST API users since the common use of the GET Global Label Value List REST API endpoint was within the Pull Reports™ Ad Hoc Report Creator.

<subquery> provider attribute

The <subquery> factory attribute is renamed to provider. Additionally, the referenced class must implement SubqueryProvider.

Minor breaking changes

<export_config> defaultSort does not permit table path

The <export_config> element's defaultSort attribute no longer permits the base table path within the sort term list. Only @ prefixed column ids are valid.

Replace a defaultSort value defined like this:

<export_config defaultSort="/tablePath@columnId"/>

With the @ prefixed column id:

<export_config defaultSort="@columnId"/>

New <label_value_query_default> element

The <label_value_query> element now requires a SQL query within the element body. Use the new <label_value_query_default> element to configure a <column>'s label value list to contain the distinct set of values within the column.

Replace a <label_value_query> defined like this:

<column id="foo" name="bar" displayName="fooBar">

With a <label_value_query_default> like this:

<column id="foo" name="bar" displayName="fooBar">

GET Report Information API labelValueList property change

The GET Report Information API's column.labelValueList property is now a boolean instead of a string or a boolean.

This change relates to the removal of the GET Global Label Value List REST API endpoint and is unlikely to effect users.

Non-breaking changes

<relationship> cardinality default value

The <relationship> element's cardinality attribute now has a default value of many.

<relationship>s configured like this:

<relationship cardinality="many">...</relationship>

may now be configured like this:


REST-API dependency upgrades

The following Java dependencies are upgraded.

  • org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all to 2.4.15