GET Catalog Information


The GET Catalog Information API returns JSON metadata about a catalog of Ad Hoc reports and data services in Pull Reports™. The metadata includes the catalog's id and name.


The GET Catalog Information endpoint returns meta information about a single <catalog> or all <catalog>s including id, name and child <report>s. When requested with a [catalog id], the endpoint returns information for just one <catalog>. When requested at the /catalog root resource path, the endpoint returns meta information for all <catalog>s within the Pull Reports™ installation.

URL: single catalog


URL: all catalogs


Only <catalog>s and <report>s which pass any associated <access_control_voter>s are returned in the response.

Use of Accept request header

Instead of to appending .json to the end of the URL, it is permitted to use the application/json Accept request header.



If true, "pretty" formats the returned JSON with white space and end-of-line characters.


Response Content-Type:  application/json


Status Code: 200

JSON responses without error have this structure:

    // Array of the configured <catalog>s which pass any configured <access_control_voter>s
            "id":"string"     // The id of the <catalog>
            ,"name":"string"  // The name of the <catalog>

            // Array of <report>s within this <catalog> which pass any
            // configured <access_control_voter>s
                    "id":"string"    // The id of the <report>
                    ,"name":"string" // The name of the <report>


Status Code: 403

Requests to the single catalog URL which do not pass an <access_control_voter> associated with the <catalog> return a 403 response.