Embeddable Ad Hoc Reporting and Data Services

Pull Reports provides ad hoc reporting and data services to an existing Web Application.

Your data, on the web

Pull Reports makes the data in your relational database available as a queriable web service.

Move data to the places and people that need it most.

Users don't know SQL?

Enjoy the power of the Pull Reports data export API and ad hoc report creator.

Join data, filter results, and export the data to the format of your choice.

Spatial, like the real world

If your data are spatial, use Pull Reports to export your report to KML or GeoJSON for visualization in Google Earth , your own web mapper, or the embedded Pull Reports mapper.

The Problem

Your data are in a database

Users cannot access it and they need to be a programmer to query it.

Your data are complicated

Data graphs can be large and difficult to understand.

You cannot see it on a map

You have tabular and spatial data, but it is difficult to query and visualize.

Enter Pull Reports

Your data, on the web

With Pull Reports, your data are accessible on the web in canned reports, data services and an easy to use ad hoc report creator

Your data become directional

Pull Reports orders your data into directional schemas which originate from one type of data and flow into related information.

Add data, add filters

Use the Pull Reports ad hoc report creator to join additional information, add filters, sort, and more!

Export your data

Download your data, send it to a colleague as a URL, or embed Pull Reports data services in another product.

Map it!

Pull Reports combines your location data with related information and exports it via the mappable KML and GeoJSON protocols.

Learn more

Pull Reports friendly license policy supports unlimited users, unlimited number of redundant service nodes, and four levels of report data service: 5, 10, 50, and unlimited.


Redundant service nodes are installations of the Pull Reports JAR file within one or more JEE application server(s) serving identical Pull Reports XML catalog files.

One report data service corresponds to one <report> configuration element in a Pull Report XML catalog file.

You may read more about the Pull Reports terms of service in our license policy.

5 Reports$1050
10 Reports$1650
50 Reports$3050
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