Embeddable Ad Hoc Reporting and Data Services

Pull Reports provides ad hoc reporting and data services to an existing Web Application.

Free and commercial editions available.


Ad Hoc Reporting

Pull Reports adds powerful and flexible ad hoc and canned reporting to your database web application.

It's easy for administrators and users.

If you are an IT manager tired of overblown and expensive "business intelligence" software, try Pull Reports. It works how reporting should.

Queriable Web Services

All Pull Reports are RESTful web services that can return both human (HTML, CSV) and machine readable (XML, JSON, GeoJSON, KML) formats.

Use Pull Reports' infinitely flexible query services as RESTful middleware on which to build additional system capability.

How It Works

Pull Reports is a JAR to be installed within your Java Web Application. Once configured against your data model, Pull Reports provides a RESTful query API plus an embeddable HTML5 and JavaScript report creation client.

Install the client into any web page to provide your users easy, ad hoc data access.

Features You Will Love

Geospatial Export

For geospatial data, Pull Reports exports KML and GeoJSON services for display in online maps and desktop GIS software. Plus, Pull Reports comes with a customizable mapper for quick visualization.

Since all Pull Reports geospatial exports are backed by the flexible Pull Reports query API, you can customize your geospatial export to get the exact data you need.

Security, Your Way

Pull Reports inherits security from the installation application. There is no need for complex security integration with a propietary security model. Simply build from what you already have.

Pull Reports supports an infinite variety of security configurations from open, anonymous access to fine-grained, field-level access control.

Configuration as Code

All Pull Reports report configuration is just XML, property files, or Java classes. Manage configuration in source control just like the rest of your application.

Blazing Speed

Pull Reports streams data directly from your database to the browser. This means large reports won't bog down your infrastructure, and your users receive fast results.

What Users Are Saying

Pull Reports is easy for our business team to use, and very flexible. Great product!

- Timbonicus H., CNT

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The free, Community Edition supports 5 reports and the CSV, HTML, JSON, and XML export formats.

Download and install today. Read how in the installation guide. What's the catch? There is none. Read more about the license.

The commercial, Standard Edition is available in 5, 10, 50 and unlimited report deployments and adds additional GIS and Tree export formats.

The Pull Reports friendly license policy supports unlimited users and unlimited number of redundant service nodes.


Read more about the Pull Reports terms of service in our license policy.

Community Edition
Export to CSV, HTML, JSON, and XML formats. Limited user queries.
5 ReportsFree!
Standard Edition
Adds export to KML, GeoJSON, Map, and Tree formats and unlimited user queries
5 Reports$1150
10 Reports$1750
50 Reports$3200
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