Learn how to correctly install the Pull Reports™ license file.

Pull Reports™ requires a valid license file to be used in a production environment. Purchase a license from The pullreports.license file is read at Servlet container start up and contains the license term (end date) and number of allowable <report>s. Pull Reports™ may also be installed without a license file for evaluation purposes. Contact to obtain temporary credentials to the Pull ReportsMaven repository in order to set up a trial installation.

License File Location

The license.file configuration property sets the license file location. The default location is at the root of the Java Virtual Machine classpath. A common root classpath location is the installation WAR's WEB-INF/classes directory, but any other classpath location is permitted such as $CATALINA_HOME/lib in a Tomcat Servlet Container.

License Verification

Pull Reports™ performs the following license checks on initialization:

  • If the license file is missing or invalid, Pull Reports™ will set the number of allowable <report>s to 5 and limit the maximum returned results from the Export Report REST API to 500. This is the behavior for trial installations without a license.

  • If the license file is present but the current date is after the license end date, the software will log an error message and limit the Export Report REST API results to 500. The license end date is set at time of purchase.

  • If the total number of configured <report>s exceeds the number allowed by the license, the software will log an error message and limit the number of reports to the allowed maximum. The total number of <report>s is set at time of purchase and can vary between five and unlimited.

After these checks pass, Pull Reports™ writes the license term and number of allowed <report>s to the ADMIN logger.