GET Export Report CSV Format


Description of the CSV export format of the GET Export Report API.

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The csv format writes double quoted Comma Separated Values to the HTTP response body.

Format Parameter: csv

Response Content-Type: text/csv

Response Content-Disposition:  The Content-Disposition HTTP header is set to the value of the <report> name attribute with the underscore character (_) substituted for any space, comma, or semicolon character plus the .csv extension. If an error occurs, the Content-Disposition value is Error.csv.

CSV Column Headers:  The first row of the returned CSV contains the displayName values for each <column> included in the export results. <column>s which contain a <url_template> create two columns in the export result. The first column, titled with the column's displayName, contains the column's value. The second, titled with the column's displayName plus the term _url, contains the URL value.

OK Response

Status Code: 200

CSV responses without error follow this example:

"Student ID","First Name","Last Name","Last Name_url"

Error Response

Status Code: 400 and 500

CSV responses with error write the error messages to the HTTP response body as a line break separated list. For example:

Example 1. Example CSV Error Output Format
The filter "/student@id & 173" does not match filter grammar. The "Operator" definition is missing or unparseable.