Open Government Data Act Compliance with Pull Reports


Achieve compliance with the U.S. Open Data Policy with Pull Reports™ and easy machine-readable web services.

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The Open Government Data Act of 2018 requires U.S. Federal Government agencies to distribute non-sensitive data in machine-readable formats. But how can one be Open Data Policy compliant without a costly custom IT investment?

The answer is Pull Reports™:

  • Pull Reports™ distributes data from a relational database as RESTful, machine-readable web services - JSON, XML, CSV, HTML, GeoJSON, and KML.

  • Pull Reportsdistributes service metadata such as human-readable database table and column descriptions as a JSON web service.

  • The Export Report REST API allows your data users to specify the exact export they would like from your relational database through the use of custom REST API parameters such as columns, filter, distinct, and sort.

    Furthermore, your users can formulate their RESTful requests straight from your web page with an embeddable HTML5 data selection client, the Pull ReportsReport Creator.

  • Do you have a complex data graph with dozens or hundreds of tables? No problem, Pull Reports™ knows relationships and can accommodate complex queries into any data model.

  • Government IT administrators with spatial datasets will love Pull ReportsGeoJSON and KML exports. There is no need for complex spatial software to stream spatial data. Simply change the Export Report REST API format parameter and receive spatial data for display within an online map or desktop map viewer.

Intrigued? Check out the Pull Reportsdemonstration website, our pricing model, and contact our Sales Team. Let's create open data together!