Learn to configure the <global_label_value_list> element for Pull Reports™ Ad Hoc report and data service software.

A <global_label_value_list> configures a <catalog> global list of labels and corresponding values which represent the possible values of a <column>. <global_label_value_list>s are used by the Pull Reports™ Ad Hoc Report Creator to display the available values for a filter parameter in the Export Report REST API.

Use a <global_label_value_list> to reuse a list of label/values between two or more <column>s in the same <catalog>.


Example 1. Via an XML Catalog file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog xmlns="http://www.pullreports.com/catalog-1.5.0" 
    id="my-catalog" name="My Example Catalog">
    <report id="my-report1" name="My Example Report 1">
        <table id="table1" name="schema1.table1" displayName="Table 1"> 
            <column id="columnA" name="column_a" displayName="Column A">
                <global_label_value_list_ref ref='global_lvs'/>
    <report id="my-report2" name="My Example Report 2">
        <table id="table2" name="schema1.table2" displayName="Table 2"> 
            <column id="columnB" name="column_b" displayName="Column B">
                <global_label_value_list_ref ref='global_lvs'/>
    <global_label_value_list id='global_lvs'>
             <label_value value='10'>Some Label</label_value>
             <label_value value='20'>Some Other Label</label_value>


( <label_value_query> | <label_values> )





The unique id of the list within the parent <catalog>. Referenced by <global_label_value_list_ref>'s ref attribute.