Interface CatalogConfigurationFactory

  • public interface CatalogConfigurationFactory
    A CatalogConfigurationFactory is responsible for the creation of one CatalogConfiguration during Pull Reports initialization. Implementing a CatalogConfigurationFactory is the required starting point for catalog configuration via the Pull Reports Catalog Configuration API.

    To register a CatalogConfigurationFactory within Pull Reports, precede the fully qualified name of the class which implements CatalogConfigurationFactory with the term factory: in the space separated list of catalog configuration elements in the catalogs Pull Reports configuration property:

    See the Pull Reports Administrative Guide properties reference for more information.

    • Method Detail

      • makeCatalog

        CatalogConfiguration makeCatalog​(javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext)
        Returns the CatalogConfiguration from this factory.
        servletContext - The ServletContext of the Pull Reports installation WAR. Use the ServletContext obtain context resources such as database connections established by other JEE web components.
        the CatalogConfiguration.