Class CatalogConfiguration

  • public class CatalogConfiguration
    extends Object
    A CatalogConfiguration is a collection of one or more ReportConfigurations that all share the same directory path within the Pull Reports REST API. Group ReportConfigurations into a CatalogConfiguration to share common configuration such as database connectivity, security, or export decoration.

    During Pull Reports initialization, CatalogConfigurations are parsed from Catalog XML configuration files or provided by CatalogConfigurationFactorys.

    Schema analog: <catalog>

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    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public CatalogId getId()
        Returns the unique Catalog id. This id forms part of the Pull Reports REST API URL path.
        the unique Catalog id.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Returns the human readable Catalog name.
        the human readable catalog name.
      • getReportConfigurations

        public List<ReportConfiguration> getReportConfigurations()
        Returns a List of one or more ReportConfigurations associated with this CatalogConfiguration.
        the List of ReportConfigurations associated with this Catalog.
      • getAccessControlVoter

        public Optional<AccessControlVoter> getAccessControlVoter()
        An Optional which returns the AccessControlVoter for this CatalogConfiguration or the empty Optional. The AccessControlVoter, if present, controls Pull Reports REST API access to the Catalog.
        The CatalogConfiguration's AccessControlVoter Optional or the empty Optional.