Interface LabelValuesProvider

    • Method Detail

      • createLabelValues

        List<LabelValue> createLabelValues​(javax.sql.DataSource dataSource,
                                           javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
        Returns a List of LabelValue beans to use as values for the parent Column within the Pull Reports Ad Hoc Creator Filter web form. The Ad Hoc Creator uses the labels and values within an HTML <select> element associated with the Filter value field.

        The Ad Hoc Creator will surround consecutive LabelValue beans which have equal group properties with an HTML <optgroup> element labeled with the group.

        dataSource - The DataSource used to fill the parent Report. Use the dataSource to dynamically materialize a list of LabelValue beans from a JDBC query. Any opened JDBC connection must be closed by the implementing method.
        request - The HttpServletRequest sent to the GET Label Value List API. to retrieve the LabelValue list. Use the request parameter to contextualize the returned list to the current user.
        A List of LabelValue beans representing the values of the parent Column.