Chapter 2. Release Notes

2.1. What's new in 0.8?

In addition to closing over 17 defects and minor enhancements, release 0.8 contains these functional enhancements.

2.1.1. Support for Grails 3

Pull Reports™ now supports Grails 3 deployment. See the installation guide for more information.

2.1.2. Full Screen Mode

The ad hoc report creator now has full screen mode to better utilize all available screen space. This is especially useful when working with large <table> graphs in the Available Tables component.

2.1.3. Searchable filter value lists

The ad hoc report creator now supports type-ahead search when choosing filter values for <column>s of paramType java.lang.String. This features makes finding values in a long <label_value_list>s much easier.

2.1.4. Leaflet Mapper customization

The Export Report REST API map format now supports customization of the Leaflet Mapper. Add Leaflet layers and controls via the mapConfig global JavaScript variable.

2.1.5. HttpServletRequest available within <url_template>s

The <url_template> element within Pull Reports™ XML Catalog files now supports a reference to the HttpServletRequest associated with the Export Report REST API request. This permits the use of HTTP header and parameter values when creating drill through URLs.

2.1.6. Configurable query cost limits for PostgreSQL

The new configuration property sets a query cost maximum on each PostgreSQL database query formulated by the Export Report REST API. The property allows an administrator to prevent resource utilization overruns caused by relational cross join products or other excessive export requests.

2.1.7. Creator dependency upgrades

The following ad hoc report creator JavaScript dependencies are upgraded.

  • Angular Bootstrap upgraded to 2.1

  • RequireJS upgraded to 2.3